5 Frame Honey Bee Deep Nucs for sale

The bees are doing really well in Texas and starting to brood up already. I was down there last weekend to give them pollen patties and feed.

We will have nucs for sale this spring. These bees are great honey producers. Currently, our bees are in East Texas and will be shipped and ready for pickup in St Cloud, MN after May 1st, 2019, depending on the weather. Nucs consist of young 2019 queens, 4 frames of eggs/brood, nectar, pollen plus enough bees to cover all 4 frames, plus 1 frame of foundation. We do not do pollination so these are healthy bees.

Nucs come with waxed cardboard nuc box for transporting. Ready to move frames to your permanent hive whe

n you get home

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