Chickens, Chickens, and more Chickens

We have got both chicken tractors out on the pasture and the broiler are enjoying the outdoors.  We went with Cornish Cross for the first test run of 70 birds this time and they should be going to the processer the first week of July.  I think we will do another batch after that of the Red Ranger so we can compare the two to see which ones we like better.

Chicken Tractors

We have also finished the expansion of the layers chicken run.  With the addition of 19 more layers, they had outgrown the dog kennel that we had been using and needed more room.  If you want to buy some farm fresh eggs, talk to Mallory, she will have lots to sell when they all start laying eggs.  We plan to fence in the garden that will be attached to the chicken run, so during the fall and winter we can open the small door and they will be able to roam in there too.  However, now Mallory thinks we should get a dog to put in the dog kennel.

Chicken Run

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