Pasture Raised Chicken

We are looking for some input from our followers and potential White Honey Tree Farm chicken consumers.

The chicken tractor has been build and we are ready to start our trainer batch of pasture-raised chickens.

For the highest quality chicken, White Honey Tree farm chickens are raised outside, housed in a mobile chicken tractor to protect from predators, with fresh air and sunshine 24/7. They are allowed to forage and peck and scratch for bugs and are provided high-quality feed. Chickens are free from antibiotics. Pasture-raised chickens offer leaner, tastier meat (more “chickeny” meat).

Our question for you our follows is: which breed would you prefer?

Cornish Cross or Red Rangers?

Cornish cross – This fast-growing bird has a meatier breast then the Red Ranger.  This bird is most similar to mass marketed chicken with a higher percentage of white meat.  $4.00 per pound


Red Ranger – This bird moves more thus takes longer to grow to weight but the movement creates more flavor in the meat, more dark meat because of more blood flow to the active bird.  Smaller breast meat. $5.00 per pound

Our final question to you is: Does it matter to you, as the consumer of the chicken, if the chicken is fed organic non-GMO, non-GMO or regular high-quality feed? And are you willing to pay $2 more per pound for organic non-GMO?

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