Minnesota Spring Bee Keeping

We ordered package bees from Natures Nectar so we could try the Saskatraz queens and they arrived on April 7th.  Normally getting them this early is a bonus so they can build up before the spring flow starts.  However, this year since spring does not want to come to Minnesota and it is still snowing with morning temps in the single digits, we had to adjust the way we normally hive the packages.  We set up an indoor apiary in our shop where the temp is 55 degrees.   Joe P. went and picked up the packages of bees on Friday from Natures Nectar in Stillwater and drop his and Jason N. off at his house.  Joe then came over to my place after I got off work with my 4 packages of bees and Tri-County Bee Keepers Associations 3 packages bees for the demo hives.  We were able to get the hives set up on sawhorse so they would be off the floor and sealed up with scrap wood and duct tape, so the bees could not get out of the hives until we are able to move them outside.  The packages of bees and queens all look really good with very few dead in the bottom of the packages.  Hopefully, spring will come sometime soon and we can get the bees outside.

photos by Mallory

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